Day 3 – The holiday honeymoon is ending

3 01 2010

Tomorrow kids go back to school and my clients are back in their offices waiting for my work to appear in their inboxes…so today was the last day of  freedom to create my own schedule around a run.

I waited for the sun to pop out, took Lottie for a mile walk and then went for a slow-paced 2.6 miles run on the park trail to give my aching calves a break from the hard concrete. It felt like running on marshmallows, but was really just welcoming soft patches of snow. At the start the sun was shining brilliantly and then light snow began to fall to remind me this is winter. It was beautiful and felt good until the darker clouds rolled in by the end. We are in for a colder week, so I’ll be forced to confront my enemy: the gym. The only thing I hate more than being cold is going to the gym where the air is sweaty and people are all around. I intend to change this bad gym attitude!

I have done some research on two fronts 1) winter running gear 2) upcoming races. The gear is more fun! Decided I need some better shoes for cold and snow. The contenders are the trail version of my beloved Brooks Adrenalines or Saloman XT Wings, which are trail running versions of my hiking shoes. I may deserve a trip to Boulder Runner Company for further research.

Also decided I need a shorter-term goal to keep this going. (No one said it would be cheap!) Races have always motivated me with a deadline. I’m considering a few options that raise the bar on distance beyond the 9 miles I did in the Oct. marathon relay. But will wait to make sure I can get through a ice-cold weeks first…

On I found a training schedule that leads up to a more intense training plan. It has 3, 4 and 5 mile runs each day, with Mon and Fri off (preceding and following longer Sun runs). Plan to try Pilates on Fridays, so I just need a Monday plan — hmm — by tomorrow! Must be somewhat restful and with stretching or I will surely exhaust myself. Perhaps a longer than usual walk with Lottie on the soft trail? Will see what inspiration I have in the a.m.!




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