Day 4 – Walk, don’t run

4 01 2010

In an effort to take a “rest” day and still exercise, I opted for a very long walk — much to the delight of my faithful, fit friend Lottie the Labrador. She is ALWAYS up for exercising and thrilled to loop the park tracking birds and bunnies hiding in the winter grasses.

We walked for an hour before heading to pick up the kids to walk the 1/2 mile home from school. Lottie requires at least one walk a day. She usually gets the school-and-back route if weather permits. Since we adopted her in June, she has definitely kept me motivated to at least walk most days (Scott often does take turns though.)

I don’t technically count walking as real exercise, although overdressed in a down coat today I was sweating. It was hard to force a day off from running while the temps are still in the upper 30s and the sun is out. But I know from reading lots on the subject that muscles need to recoup – especially after a holiday hiatus like mine.

My longtime friend Wendy, who is loyal enough to read my blog, suggested a “Shred” DVD for days off that seems worth the $8 price. I think that would feel more like a workout to me than my long walk did.

I do have to say that walking and running both allow for much-needed quiet time away from my computer and household chores (will someone please pack up those ornaments already?). Time with my happy puppy to listen to the slower songs on my iPod and take in the beautiful Colorado mountain view is mental therapy that may be one of my favorite perks of this resolution!




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