Day 5- Farewell great uncle

5 01 2010

Today’s run was longer starting with a 1.3 mile loop with Lottie — her first official run around the park vs. a walk.  We have some training to do on that front. I dropped her off at home to go for two more loops, so nearly 4 miles today (before the 10-20 degrees hit in the next few days).

My thoughts were absorbed in news I got last night that my Great Uncle Brady passed away yesterday. He was 89 and had suffered from a rare blood disease for the past few years. I was lucky enough to really get to know him and was reminded by his obituary today of his long list of accomplishments – from father and volunteer to orthopedic surgeon and university professor.

He spent most of his life in Hamilton, Ohio, near Miami University. He was busy practicing medicine when I went to college, but I saw him when my parents and grandmother – his sister – were in town and his wife left an open invitation — even answering my call in the middle of the night to fix my broken wrist at his office. That story was certainly retold each time I visited him in Ohio! Exaggerated a bit more each time…

How serendipitous that I married someone from his hometown. Scott, the kids and I shared many visits, meals and drinks at the “West Virginia Bar” in his basement. He came to our wedding in Texas to dance with my grandmother and provided a connection to her for me ever since she died nearly five years ago.

Remembering Brady and my grandmother brought tears during my run. I hadn’t cried yet for the loss that, even when someone has lived a long, full life, you can’t help but feel. I imagine she welcomed him in Heaven and that they are sharing stories of the past five years right now and memories of their childhood in Sutton, WV, that I’ve heard so many times.

The last time I visited was a year and a half ago. He had already lived longer than his prognosis, so I gave him an extra long hug when I left. I will miss and remember his incredible wit and wisdom, his generosity and stories and will always treasure the times we celebrated together.




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