Day 6 – Hiding from coyotes

6 01 2010

Temps in the teens and snow flurries sent me to the gym today. It was hard enough to get my butt into the heated seat of my car — so no way was I going out there to run or walk. 40 minutes of stationary bike – going nowhere – had me staring at the closed caption TV. “As the World Turns” was on! My favorite soap from college (thanks Wendy for introducing me to those people…Barbara Ryan, Lilly and Holden are still there – same actors 20 years later).

“Let’s Make a Deal” followed as I headed into my toughest uphill interval. How would I survive 20 more minutes? And why do I just get so bored at the gym…so aware of each minute passing, the burned calorie count and miles slowly rising on the screen?

The positive thing I discovered was that I can check my Blackberry while cycling indoors. That entertained me for a bit – anything from keeping my eyes off that machine in front of me or the game show.

Finally – 40 minutes was up and the other two people with New Year’s resolutions were gone. Alone in an empty gym, I was compelled to stretch in front of the giant mirrors. Then Patrick, who runs the Rec Center, came in and felt compelled to tell me about the coyotes that he’s seen on the trail and in the park several times recently. My running trail. Lottie’s walking trail. The trail that goes right by my house where my kids play! Jo-Anna saw one in the neighborhood a few weeks ago, but I had convinced myself it was a German Shepard.

This news – along with he sub-zero forecast – may just have me committed to the gym for now. Maybe Patrick is trying to drum up business? He’s got mine!




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