Day 7 – Boot camp is not a vacation

7 01 2010

Patti is the mom of one of Zach’s best little friends. And she is the most fit person I know. She is my age, does Olmpic triathlons, has four kids and is a personal trainer in our neighborhood. I hadn’t been to one of her boot camps in about a year, so it seemed like a good indoor activity for a 5 degree evening. (Thanks Jo-Anna for being a good sport and coming along on the camping trip after already swimming today!)

I know I need strength training. Really I do. I have never been able to lift weights or do push ups. All of my favorite running blogs talk about the importance of strength for long term wellness and injury prevention. The good (?) thing about Patti Camp is that it forces me to do some weights, sit-ups, squats and other terrible things. The worst part is I immediately flash back to the Greenmont Elementary School gymnasium, where I was usually picked last for kickball teams, froze at the chin-up bar and played hookie on field day.

Patti has stations set up that you do for one minute each involving exercise balls, aerobic steps, and some very heavy things. The last 10 seconds of lifting a 12 lb. bar I just have to stop. Like that rope they made us climb in school. I just COULD NOT go more than a few feet and had to stop — much to my humiliation as the whole class watched from below. In reality I bet they weren’t even looking, but I think the embarrassment led to my destiny of individual sports. No pressure to face but my own.

So I did the best I could with Patti’s stations and will feel the pain in my arms and thighs in the a.m. for sure. Just in time to try my new Pilates class. I have no idea what to expect, but I know it includes breathing and stretching and that just HAS to be more relaxing than Boot Camp!




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8 01 2010

Keep up the strength work! I have been fairly consistent this year with a home based routine that incorporates mainly core work, stretching, massage and upper body free weights and am finding it really has helped my running and riding.

8 01 2010

Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement!

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