Day 8 – Coyotes don’t do Pilates

8 01 2010

After my first Pilates class this morning I feel like I’ve had a massage or a long soak in a hot tub! A pleasant surpise for sure… My sore muscles have been stretched and strengthened without the harsh impact of my previous days in this fitness quest.

I am not a yoga fan – did it when I was pregnant and tried it for a month a few years ago and just could never relax my mind. I felt silly doing those poses and just didn’t feel like I’d worked out or had any mental therapy benefits afterward. I’m sure there are great yoga teachers and students out there and if it works for you, no offense and please keep it up!

From reading about it, I had high hopes Pilates would be different and I’m so happy to report that it was. The instructor was great. She works at a Lifetime Fitness and was great at slowing down enough for me to learn. With only three others in the class, I got lots of attention and much-needed body position correction. You keep moving – that’s the good news for me. No posing, no emptying of your mind…just stretching and strengthening – perfect, I’m sold for Fridays!

And – it’s INSIDE, warm and safe from coyotes! (See Day 6 post if you’re just tuning in.) On that front, I had a informative email exchange with – I kid you not – a man named Paul WOLF at the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Here is what he told me in response to my questions about what I should do about the coyotes near my home and park:

“It is not entirely uncommon to see coyotes wandering around during the daytime. The breeding season is starting (between now and March), so
daytime activity may increase. Their daytime activity usually increases during cooler times of the year in general and younger coyotes are more active during the day than older adult coyotes. If you want to give me
your address I’d be happy to mail you a packet of coyote information.”

I am hoping this packet includes either a vinegar-filled squirt gun or an airhorn, both of which Mr. Wolf’s website suggest you use to frighten away a coyote, which commonly “stare or follow humans out of curiosity.” Mr. Wolf and his friends (Fantastic Mr. Fox??) are so on the coyotes’ side, and while I try to respect wildlife – that still leaves me scared out of my wits until March, when they stop multiplying!

Scott says I should only be afraid if a coyote has dynamite like in the cartoon – in which case I’ll be off like the Roadrunner with my airhorn (meep, meep!).




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