Day 11 – S-t-r-e-t-c-h

11 01 2010

Facing a full afternoon of work I’ve neglected, I tried an early morning stretching program I recorded last week. It’s called Classical Stretch and airs here daily on PBS. It’s set to classical music with tranquil scenery at various beaches and resorts – a tennis court today.

It seems similar to Pilates – feeling good to stretch my muscles and spine. The website says it’s supposed to strengthen and relax muscles. Miranda Esmonde-White is the founder and promises these results:

  • Thinner arms and thighs – many have lost up to 3 inches around their bums!
  • Flattened and more defined tummies
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Reversal of osteoporosis
  • Dramatic improvement of posture
  • Healing of lower back, knee and shoulder injuries/pains
  • I would like all of those things please, and it is definitely better than doing nothing at all on a busy day. A good, low-impact alternative that is easy enough to do in the living room for 30 minutes (and Zach was totally entertained watching me do this while he ate his pancakes! “Mommy – shouldn’t she be playing tennis?”) 

    A walk with Lottie to pick up the kids gave me a bit of slow cardio and fresh air that I didn’t get on the TV tennis court!

    I’ve learned so far that when I am exercising EVERY day, I will neglect something. One of my two children, one of my two pets, one or two of my three clients will always need more than I can give — even when I’m not spending time exercising.

    I’m trying hard to celebrate what I DO get done instead of stressing about what I don’t. This is hard for me, but a good sub-resolution to enable my new goal.




    4 responses

    11 01 2010

    Hi! me again. I just signed up on the Buckeye Workout Log. I’m going to swim 100 miles in 2010. Thanks for all the great info!

    11 01 2010

    That’s great Jo! You also should write a blog about it : ) We could all learn from your swimming experiences!

    11 01 2010

    Hi Kel! Love, love, love your new blog!

    Unfortunately (for me), I can one-up your most recent discussion of the pain associated with a new workout: I started the INSANITY series! You know the one – it has a snazzy infomercial promising to make you a new person in just 60 days! I am certain it will make me a new person in just 6 days – a CRAZY GRUMPY person with sore legs, hips, but, arms, neck, calves and toes!

    Love to you & your family!


    12 01 2010

    Way to go my insane friend! It’s a GOOD sore, I’m sure. Keep me posted on how that goes…

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