Day 16 – Kid friendly workouts

16 01 2010

Ahhh – a whole Saturday with no obligations. Scott was skiing with a visiting college buddy during all the daylight hours, so I had to come up with a way to get my exercise time in with kids along for the ride.

57 degrees made a perfect afternoon for riding scooters — much faster for little legs than walking. We took Lottie to the school playground where we ran in circles playing fetch and kicking a soccer ball with the kids. She runs like a greyhound and was so happy to play leash free! I am thinking the school would not smile upon this use of their field, but just this once…

Then with worn-out kiddos and dog, I joined Miranda stretching in the Riveria Maya via my DVR. Almost relaxing!

During our errand spree, we went to a Border’s that’s going out of business and found “The Firm” as seen on TV!! A package of hand weights with three DVDs at 40% off — providing more options for my living room, kid-filled days when something is better than nothing. Tip of the day: never buy hand weights when you have a few more stores to visit. It was a workout!




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