Day 18 – A firm family

18 01 2010

The kids had today off, so we had all sorts of projects going. By mid-afternoon I decided to try out my new “FIRM” video and weights. Much to my surprise, the kids thought this was fantastic and wanted to join me…

Sharing one pound weights between them, they tried to follow the instructor in the “hi-def sculpt” video. Anna lost interest pretty quickly, but Zach got through the whole 55 minutes with comments like, “I’m really into this!” and “This is really helping my muscles!” What?? He’s five. It was hysterical! Then there were questions and comments like, “Why is she smiling at us?” and “Her arms look like a man’s!”

Zach has learned to love sports over the last year – playing baseball, soccer, flag football and now basketball through his school. I think he is realizing that strength is a good thing. We worked on his push-up form during the video, which should help him in karate class and help tone my sad arms.

I was not quite as enthusiastic or talkative for the workout, but sooo entertained by Zach that it passed quickly. I hope he will join me for the other three DVDs!




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