Day 22 – Coyote ballet

22 01 2010

Two weeks ago my post “Coyotes don’t do Pilates” revealed my fear of the wildlife spotted by others in my neighborhood — not helping my motivation to get OUTSIDE as much as possible for my daily exercise.

Since then, I received my requested “coyote packet” from the aptly named Mr. Wolf at the Colorado Department of Wildlife. I was expecting a glossy brochure with tips and facts, but instead got a huge envelope full of black and white photocopied pages. I’m glad the department is not wasting money on its literature!

I’ve learned that coyotes are not likely to harm me and have only killed two adults in recent years. But these were considered random incidents and may have even been the work of part-wolf coyotes. Wolves are more threatening to humans, as we know from fairytales.

And – since my last coyote post – I saw two of them! Or it might have been the same one twice – not sure. On the route to my daughter’s ballet class we drive by the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, which is a wildlife preserve and park that is home to bison, deer, birds and others. I would definitely live there if I were a coyote – plenty of food, few people. The coyote(s) we saw on the way to ballet and back were right across the road from the Arsenal on farm land, so maybe they were hoping to enter the refuge? Or were they headed to ballet too?

Got me thinking that maybe we could lure the neighborhood pack eight blocks south where they would be welcomed, fed and safe at the Arsenal. Builders started new construction across the park from my house, so hoping the large bulldozers and noise will scare the coyotes into relocating to this nearby place — making it safer for runners, dogs and small children to utilize the trails here.

I didn’t find any info. on relocation programs in Mr. Wolf’s packet. He prefers I just learn to live with them and know how to frighten them away if they come too close. In my car, this was pretty easy, and they ran away quickly. On foot…still not so convinced. I was happy to go to Pilates again today just in case!




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24 01 2010

Hilarious! I love the comment about why we know wolves are more dangerous than coyotes, and the aptly named Mr. Wolf! I had similar feelings in Arizona when I was trail running there. There were mountain lions in the area – one had gone into a yard and taken a small dog. We could also hear coyotes howling every night. But I was even more afraid of the snakes – rattlesnakes! I saw two snakes on the same run, one in the first mile, and another in the fourth. I don’t think either were rattlers, but they still scared the hell out of me! My heart rate was through the roof and I jogged in place while I waited for them to scoot off the trail. I was more than a bit jumpy during my next few runs. But still, the benefits of running outside on a great trail far outweigh what are probably very small risks. It’s all in our heads, right? It could be worse – my sister is afraid of the deer she sees at McDonough!

24 01 2010

I’m with you on the snakes Christy! I’ve seen two before – but only in summer, so safe from that for a while… So are you going to do the P’burg 1/2 again this year? And thanks for appreciating my humor ; )

25 01 2010

Yeah, I hope to do the Parkersburg half again – you should come run it too! I just started training for the Athens, OH half in April. I hear it is pretty flat and easier than Parkersburg. I’m using Smartcoach, too. Neat tool, huh? My running has been really sporadic the past few months so I started w/ the lowest mileage (6-10) and did the “hard” plan, which wasn’t much diff. from the moderate. Still only has me up to 9 miles before the race. I’m just going to follow it and see if it works. Be careful out there 🙂

4 02 2010

I am a new reader, just found you from the Sistahood site – your story is touching and brought a smile to my face. Thank you. I’ll be back!

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