Day 25 – Rest day stretch in Jamaica

25 01 2010

Mondays are “rest” or cross training days on my half-marathon training plan. Trying to exercise daily means Mondays (following long runs on Sunday) are for stretching/strengthening and a dog walk. I know the dog walk is not going to help my run, but it does help my dog and is better than sitting all day.

This morning I did Classical Stretch -abs version – and had to laugh. As Miranda was exercising peacefully on a beautiful Jamaican beach, I was in my living room trying to convince the dog not to sit on me during the crunches and answering my five-year-old’s 20 questions. “Where is my Lego guy?” “Are you finished yet?” “Can I have a cookie?”

Throwing the dog’s ball continuously to keep her out of the way, I told my son I was pretending to be in Jamaica for just 10 more minutes at which time I would be finished, find the MIA Lego guy and NOT give him a cookie at 9:30 in the morning!

Worth my perseverance in the end when I felt SOOO good from stretching to the classical music and watching those far-away waves that cleared my mind – if only for 10 more minutes!




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