Day 26 – Everyday ballet

26 01 2010

My half-marathon training plan has “easy runs” on Tuesdays. I did 2.6 miles and then felt like I needed a dose of stretching. Miranda from “Classical Stretch” was still in Jamaica – poolside – working on balance and foot strength. It was a little embarrassing for her that the bottoms of her bare feet were dirty when she flexed them. That’s what those beach workouts will do I suppose!

I know this lady is on TV, but some how she is reading my mind. She knows just when to tell me to tuck in my hips and offers the right motivation at the perfect moments. Today – as we did some point-and-flex exercises together – she was talking about the foot strength ballerinas have and how important that is to your foundation and balance for any sport. She used to be a ballerina, etc., etc.

How could she have known that I have been talking and thinking about ballerinas lately?? I was sharing with my friends over the weekend that growing up my dance teachers used to discourage running and other sports in favor of keeping your muscles long and lean. And watching my daughter’s ballet class last night made me wonder how life takes our flexible, slender bodies from ballet class as kids and turns them into something else entirely.

Miranda went into a little tangent about how important it is to exercise EVERY day, and that for years medical science told us 3-4 times a week was enough. She said the more we know now about aging, there is proof that as we get older our bodies start falling apart (her words!) and that with daily exercise they basically won’t.

So ha – I’m not going there body of mine. Even in my 40s. I may be far from the slender ballerina of my youth, but in the privacy of my living room, I can still attempt to stretch and move like one!




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