Day 29 – Fitting fit in

29 01 2010

There are days like today when all busy moms know the best laid plans have to go awry to accommodate your family and work. Scott’s day trip to Wyoming was cancelled, but not in time for me to make it to Pilates class. The pediatrician could fit my daughter into one small window during her lunch if I could hurry and get there. And Zach was really hoping I could make it back in time for his 100th day of kindergarten party in the afternoon.

So after a morning of homework with Zach (learning to spell Wednesday!), a quick trip into the city to see the doctor (en route to which we saw THREE coyotes frolicking by the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in broad daylight!), counting 100 Fruit Loops with 5-year-olds, rushing home so I could walk back to school to walk the kids home in the sunshine, responding to a dozen work emails and pulling my hair out refereeing two over-tired kids after school (whew)…I tried desperately to squeeze in the FIRM DVD (no pun intended there).

Does it still count if you pause it 6 or 7 times? An hour-long cardio fusion workout turned into 85 minutes by the time I stopped to get Zach dressed for karate class, answered the door, yelled at my children and dog several times and got things boiling for dinner…

I never, ever, ever would have worked out today under normal circumstances. That is why this 365 day plan is seriously working to make me fit it in – no matter what. I’m sure there are extenuating circumstances when I would opt out for a day, but “it just didn’t fit in today” does not seem like a good one.

29 days equals enough momentum to not want to stop for silly reasons…I’m making allowances, however, for briefly pausing the DVD player!




3 responses

30 01 2010

Ok, I feel like I may be commenting a little too often πŸ˜‰ But really, it’s so awesome that you were absolutely determined to get the workout in. What a fantastic example! When you write your book, can I please come to Oprah when you’re on? Of course, you’re gonna have to publish early next year πŸ™‚

30 01 2010
Traci Edwards

Thanks for the inspiration Kelly! I’ve been a slacker all morning – two movies and Ben & Jerrys w/ coffee for lunch. Christy sent me your blog which motivated me to climb on the treadmill. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

30 01 2010

Thanks for reading Traci!

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