Day 30 – Running is like brushing your teeth

30 01 2010

It’s funny how already — just 30 days into this exercise-every-day plan — I am making myself do something physical the way I do other daily routine chores each day. Load the dishwasher, feed the kids, take out the trash and go for a run… None of it is fun exactly, but you just do these things because you are a grown up and they need to be done.

That’s what I wanted. To make daily exercise non-optional like brushing your teeth. My kids went to the dentist this week and heard the usual list of why they should brush twice a day. It’s hard for them to buy it – they can’t imagine teeth rotting or the sound of that drill. We still have to have a sticker chart and prizes for 5-year-old Zach to get morning brushing to become routine.

But I’ve somehow tricked my own brain into believing I have to do this daily exercise thing. Even without short-term star stickers or prizes. So I went for a short 2.6 mile run today, to conserve some power for a 6-mile run tomorrow.

Glorious sunshine and near 50 degree temps helped and felt amazing as I did a sprint loop with my dog and then one on my own. Then back to errands, helping with school projects and other routine Saturday tasks…ending with brushing Zach’s teeth! If I’ve nearly made it through January, I have high hopes I can do another 335 days…with or without stickers!




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