Day 35 – Beat from boot camp

4 02 2010

Aaaarrrgh – so tired from boot camp tonight after a long day. It’s good for me, it’s good for me…I repeated with every push up. The two best parts of my day were getting my new running shoes from the UPS man and wearing work pants! My shoes are so clean and springy – gotta love that new shoe smell! I will need to rally to break them in for my 5-mile run tomorrow.

And the good pants news… As a freelance writer, I only have face-to-face meetings 6 or 7 times a year. So I’m usually working at home in PJs, yoga pants or jeans with holes. I had a lunch meeting today – the first meeting this year – so I had to pull out a pair of black, presentable pants. I have owned most pants in my wardrobe for many many years (too many to admit), and they have seen me through many phases of fitness — pre- and post-babies included.

I was thrilled to find that instead of sucking in my breath to close the button, there was a droop at my waist! The reward for a month of exercise, when I don’t think I’ve shed many pounds, but I’ve clearly changed my post-holiday shape.

The Classical Stretch goddess Miranda talks about this a lot – slimming muscles and re-shaping even if you’re not trying to lose weight. I’m not quite jumping into a bikini, but it feels like progress — enough to get me to boot camp anyway. And maybe inspiration to finally spring for some new black pants!




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