Day 36 – My new sole mates

5 02 2010

Today I christened my new shoes. My stiff-from-boot-camp muscles did not want to run, and there were 85 other things on my to do list…but in the corner sat my new, bright white shoes begging to get muddy on the trail. Not to mention a bouncy black lab who brought me her tennis ball two dozen times before 9 a.m. desperately seeking my attention.

I pushed through for the team and laced up for the 5-mile break-in. Lottie joined me and my shoes for the first 1.3 lap, then we were on our own down the concrete path. Oh – that spongy feeling in new shoes really makes me feel faster with a new spring in my stride … even if my pace is the same.

The Buckeye Training Log, where I record my workouts, lets you track equipment. So I can enter “Red Brooks” on my runs to add up the mileage. My friend Jo-Anna found that this site also has challenges you can join. I signed up for “750 miles in 2010,” since I’m on track to run that distance any way. Hoping that goal keeps me going in November/December when I’m not training for anything specific and the weather won’t invite me to run!

So far, I’m right around the middle of the pack of 40-some challengers with 5 or 6 other people who are close to 70 miles. The logged miles range from 4 to 219. Mr. or Ms. 219 really shouldn’t be in this particular challenge to make the rest of us feel lame. But this is a cool tool to see how you are pacing compared with these other random runners across the country.

Not sure how I can be so excited about shoes that are exactly the same as my old ones and, frankly, not that cute. Brooks makes fantastic shoes for my feet and running style, but they are not leading in the style department. Red or aqua accents were the only choices on my bargain website, so red won. And on this version they tried to put a little floral pattern that just looks strange instead of feminine. They are cuter I suppose, than my old yellow ones (who wears yellow anything – especially shoes?)

Well, on to a weekend super-filled with kids’ activities and Super Bowls. It will hopefully end with another 6 miles on my beloved, ugly-but-new-and-springy shoes that promise to guide me every step of the way from 6 to 13.1 miles by May!




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