Days 37-38 – Snowy run

7 02 2010

Our jam-packed weekend was super fun. Food- and friend-filled parties galore ending with the Super Bowl tonight. I squeezed in a “Classical Stretch – full body” DVD Saturday and made it through a beautiful six-mile run in the snow today.

Mild compared to the east coast’s snow storm, we just had a dusting all day long in Denver. With a few layers of warm clothes, the flakes felt good on my face and kept me cool. Nothing was sticking to the sidewalk, but the trail was tougher to navigate. I found myself slowing a bit to keep from slipping — being careful to plant my feet hard in the accumulating snow. Lottie joined me for the last park loop, which helped speed me up again.

Next week jumps to 14 miles total (from 13 this week), with a 7-mile run Sunday. The following week falls back to 10 miles, so that will feel like a vacation!

Another coyote spotted from my car Friday night crossing a neighborhood street near my typical running route! I haven’t found a widget for my blog to keep count of my coyote sightings, but I’m looking. There should be an iPhone app or something for that. I must be up to 6 or 7 now… at least this one was sticking to his nocturnal habits and ensuring that I never run in the dark!




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