Day 49 – Off-leash police

18 02 2010

I need to apologize (does this count?) to the lady in the park today who was the victim of all my frustrations… I squeezed in a 3-mile run just before school was out and just before it started snowing.

Grey skies and cold wind were ushering in the snow clouds, so I bundled up in a few layers and leashed my lab Lottie for the duration – her longest run yet.

On the first park loop, two boxers came bounding toward us. I’m sure they just wanted to play, but I had to stop running and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We live right on a large park where dogs must be on a leash according to the posted signs. I tend to politely remind strangers of the rule when their dogs are frolicking freely.

It’s not that I don’t want the dogs to have a great time. I am a huge dog lover and would have several more if I had a larger yard and/or a farm… and a more willing husband. My dog would LOVE to be off her leash too. But you can’t run wild in a public place where kids are playing and runners are trying to run. I shouldn’t have to fear lose dogs and their intentions. There are enough worries with the coyotes.

So I mentioned to this boxer lady that the park rules required her dogs to be on a leash. “Oh – they’re usually not so excited,” she told me. And I explained that I lived by the park, which is not a dog park, and would appreciate her leashing her dogs or taking them to a dog park instead.

“Well, I’ll just inform the other people I see here with their dogs,” she said…It went on for a few rounds like this with her telling me that other people do it, so it is ok. Enough. I told her that people commit murders every day but that doesn’t make it ok! A rule is a rule!

I actually said this – out loud – to a total stranger. And I probably could have chosen a less extreme example, but I was not so quick in my angry state. So I am sorry for being so rude in the end, although I am still shocked by this woman’s attitude. Kind of like arguing with a police officer when you know you were going 55 in a 45 zone.

A leashed Lottie and I ran on at a much faster-than-usual pace thanks to the pause to lecture the law-breaking lady. Lucky for all involved, the boxer gang had left the park by our second loop. And I started looking forward to tomorrow morning’s calm, quiet, indoor Pilates class where everyone obeys the “No drinks in gym” sign, and I will not have to cause such commotion!




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19 02 2010

We have the same issue here in our neighborhood! My neighbor Joe is a super great guy who happens to LOVE animals. However, there is this one woman in our neighborhood who constantly brings her little white dog (or lap rat as Joe calls it) down our street and let’s it poop all over and never picks it up! Joe, being the nice guy that he is, asked her nicely for the first 18 times, to at least pick up after the dog. First , she said she would then it was that the dog is so little there isnt “that much”, then it was “how can you tell it’s my dog?”. Joe is a simple guy and isn’t about to do any DNA tests on the fecal matter so he said to her, “Ok I will make a deal with you, the next time I see your dog poop in my yard I will bring my animal to poop in yours!” The woman laughed and walked away. Sure enough, not even a week goes by and I here Joe outside yelling at the woman, “We had a deal!” as her little pooch dropped off his package in my other neighbors yard. The woman seriously just shot Joe a look and walked away without picking up the poop! We all knew it “Was on Like Donkey Kong” and waited for Joe to make his move. 10 minutes later, here comes down the street with his animal. Did I mention his animal is a horse? Oh yes, Joe has 3 dogs, 2 cats and 5 horses so which animal would you take to make a point? We all watched Joe ride his horse around the corner to make his point. He never did tell us what transpired down on Pine Valley Drive but we haven’t seen that little white crap duster since!:-) Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I think telling that woman to keep her dog on the leash is perfectly fine, rules are rules:-)

19 02 2010

That is too funny Kerrin! Can you bring Joe with you when you come visit?

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