Day 53 – Fitter than a second grader

22 02 2010

It was only 11 degrees driving home tonight. We are having a phase of real winter here in Colorado, but the sun popped out for the afternoon promising to melt it all away this week. I’m heading back out to the sidewalks tomorrow in hopes of getting my 15 miles in by Sunday — winter or not. Today I stayed warm inside with my favorite of the FIRM DVDs — Hard Core Fusion.

I decided I like this one not only because it’s a nice blend of cardio and strengthening, but also because the instructor looks and sounds exactly like Anna’s second grade teacher who I really liked! Both have all the energy and genuine smile it takes to enjoy an hour of exercise — or to maintain control over 28 seven-year-olds.

Just like a second grader, I need to be entertained and motivated by the teacher. Otherwise, I might as well be on the stationary bike…bored and watching the clock.

I am quite excited that my blog had 23 readers today – a record! Thanks to all of you who continue to read faithfully and to those who just stumbled upon it in blog-land. You are adding some pressure for me to find something important or funny to say each day in addition to exercising. Interestingly, they go hand-in-hand now giving a new purpose to my random thoughts while I workout.

There are people like my husband and my sister who haven’t read my blog, and I find this so odd. Total strangers have clicked, so you think that two of my closest relatives (is your spouse considered a relative?) would be a bit curious! My sister said she is waiting for the book… okay – and she has two kids under three, so she doesn’t read much beyond the rice cereal box. Scott, I think, is just frightened by this whole idea, although he promoted it heavily at his surprise party Saturday. That must be where I gained 23 readers!

And for anyone interested in more stats… I have fallen woefully behind in the “750 miles in 2010” challenge on the Buckeye Outdoors Training Log. With 98 miles logged, I’m nearly on pace to get to 750, but several runners moved ahead of me last week including eviltwin, zenrunner and triathlonpaul. That motivates me to step it up even more than the 23 readers and the second grade teacher!




One response

23 02 2010

Hey Kelly at least you are still keeping track of your buckeye challenge. I stopped after week two. I’m sure I’m at the way bottom of my list!
cool that you have so many readers. The movie deal is right around the corner.
It always makes me smile to read your blog!

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