Day 55 – The family that shreds together…

24 02 2010

A day off from running had me popping in the 30-Day Shred DVD to try out Level Two. I waited until evening and, surprisingly, both kids joined me! I think it was a homework stall-tactic…

They were kind of in and out of the program — hard to stay focused for that whole 20 minutes! Anna used the small hand weights, and Zach lifted dinosaurs. The best part was when Anna picked up her megaphone and started repeating Jillian’s instructions. “Give me five more…lift…inhale…exhale!”

Scott followed while I made dinner and showed me up with Level Three. Even the dog tried to join in, but cardio is just too exciting for her and causes living room accidents. So at least my slender children will work-off the Valentine’s Day treats they are still pulling out of heart-filled paper bags.

They are turning out to be future Olympic hopefuls as they watch the games on TV. Anna thinks her ballet talents could transfer to the ice, while Zach is destined for the half-pipe — a much cooler form of shredding!

Tomorrow I will go it alone for a six-mile run — the first of many stepped-up Thursdays on the training road to May’s half-marathon. I know I can get through the run, but what about the rest of my day? I may need Anna to bellow instructions come 5 p.m.!




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