Days 64-65 – Cardio party in the living room

6 03 2010

Pil – ahhhh – tes is so good for me. I love when I can make it on Friday mornings and feel re-energized and re-aligned for the weekend. I finally can keep up with the pregnant instructor, who can’t demonstrate most of the moves but tells us what to do. I pretty much know what she’s talking about after two months of on and off Fridays. And I feel less ridiculous too — maybe somewhat stronger?

Today I had a pottery painting session with my kids, who are both so much more artistic than I am. It is fun to watch them be creative and not worry at all what the end results is. I tried to be like that with my flowered mug…we’ll see how it comes out of the kiln!

Afterwards, I tried the only FIRM DVD I haven’t done yet — the Cardio Party. Woo Hoo – crazy Saturday evening here in my living room! It was really pretty fun. More dancing than the other FIRM workouts and surely entertaining for my kids and pets to watch. I wish I could dance like my kids too – no self-consciousness – just fun! The instructor actually said at one point, “Show me what your momma gave ya…” Hmm…

My first 8-mile run is tomorrow. Haven’t done that since the fall. It’s going to be another warm day, so that is on my side. Adding some eclectic iTunes to get me through. Prince, Abba, the Weepies, Guru — not sure they’ve performed together until now!




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