Day 66 – The great 8

7 03 2010

Eight miles today in spring-like weather alternating between the pavement and the park trail to cushion the miles. Refueling with some glucose tablets when my blood sugar started to drop below 70, I was recharged enough for the last 1.3 miles.

A long run is so much easier on the weekends. No matter what else is on the to-do list, there is just more flexibility to fit it in when you feel like running. Or today, when I waited until afternoon for a strange morning fog to lift.

On weekdays, the new Thursday long runs just have to fit in the three-hour window of time I have while Zach is at school — with time left to work a bit, re-hydrate, shower and walk over to the school. So back to that weekday grind tomorrow — with a fourth run added into my half-marathon training plan this week. Now it’s 2 miles Tuesday, longer run Thursday (6 miles this week), 2 mile recovery run Friday and then Sunday’s long run (8 miles again). The recovery run is supposed to help build your endurance — running when your muscles are tired from the previous day.

I’m psyching myself up for this and happy with my new songs on my iPod Shuffle. Little surprises to get me into a new groove.




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