Day 67 – Stay well, pay less

8 03 2010

For the third year in a row my husband’s company health insurance is requiring us to participate in the Stay Well health management program. You have to take a health assessment and participate in an online or phone wellness program for six weeks. If you don’t complete the program, you have higher deductibles for health insurance the following year.

The first two years, this seemed like a punishment. Just a pain to have to log-in your exercise and read the required articles. I waited until I was training for my annual sprint triathlons and then set goals to increase exercise over six weeks — something I was already planning to do.

I’m in week 3 of 6 in this year’s Stay Well plan — through which I am again setting a goal of increasing exercise (and already doing). Since I am already logging and blogging about my exercise, this is just one more online record.

The program seems good for people who would not be motivated otherwise — and surely there are plenty of folks out there who need to manage stress, eat better, lose weight and exercise — all options you can choose for your personal program.

Wellness is a good thing and maybe mandatory wellness with monetary incentives will actually help put a small dent in the ever-growing healthcare crisis. But today you can find so many tools and articles online that the resources offered by Stay Well aren’t as unique as they were a few years ago. The required reading seems pretty simple and dated.

Funny how if you are motivated to participate in a plan and keep records, it’s sort of fun. If it’s mandatory — not so much. Like reading a novel for pleasure versus for school.

After updating my obligatory weekly Stay Well log this morning, I did Classical Stretch and added an extra 10-minute Exhale Pilates session — just for fun, not because the computer told me to!




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