Day 68 – Half-way to the half marathon

9 03 2010

I had no idea when I woke up this morning that it was the exact mid-point to my half marathon! I came across a countdown tracker you can add to your blog, and lo-and-behold…when I did the math, I realized on day 68, there are 68 days left until my 40th b’day and half marathon.

I get pretty excited about cool number things, so I’ve posted the cheesy tracker on my blog to make this more exciting for me. Getting that graphic to show up was a bit of a technical challenge, but one that I conquered. Much more successfully than the technical challenges I had at the gym…

In celebration of this mid-way day, I should have embraced my planned easy, two-mile run in spite of the crazy wind outside. Instead, I let lots of excuses get in the way until evening and thought I could handle the dreaded treadmill at the Rec Center for just two miles.

Should explain that a treadmill mishap in my mid-twenties left me with an aversion to running on machinery. My PR firm in Atlanta paid for gym memberships for staff. While running on the treadmill one night, one of the VPs came in with her husband. They came up to say hello… and I learned that while multitasking in the office impressed VPs, doing it on a treadmill was dangerous. My Walkman flew in the air as I was tossed by the conveyor belt onto the floor like a cartoon character.

I think I just stopped dead in my tracks when I started talking…but the treadmill did not stop. A carpet-burned leg, broken Walkman and definitely one of my most embarrassing work-related incidents left me pulling the plug on the treadmill at the end of our brief relationship.

Still — 15 years later — the treadmill doesn’t feel right, and I get very confused by the screen, the programs and the pace. Tonight I messed up the digital buttons mid run. I think I ran 1.5 miles, but it’s hard to say. At the point the screen went blank, my blood sugar was dropping and my calf was hurting (that never happens outside).

I started reading Born to Run last night, and five chapters in I’m fascinated by this true account of a tribe that lives deep in the canyons of Mexico. They are amazing runners who can literally run for days pretty much barefoot. More to come on that whole topic, but it all comes to the final point that treadmills are in the category of fancy high-heeled running shoes — not natural! I surely would have been better off on the road where I have logged more than 130 miles in 68 days — even in the wind!




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