Day 69 – Don’t forget to exhale

10 03 2010

50 degrees at noon, but snow flurries by 4 p.m. Good day for 50 minutes of Exhaling in the living room. Third time for the Exhale Core Fusion DVD for glutes and thighs was not a charm — just as challenging as the first time. Shaping myself into a pretzel AND lifting my bent-behind-me leg for several repetitions caused a burn in a rarely used backside muscle.

On a more pleasant note, walking Zach to school today, I noticed daffodil stems peeking up in a south-facing front lawn! A highlight of my day as I impatiently wait on the north-facing side of the block for spring to come. March and April are really long in Colorado with cold days — and often snow — interrupting spring’s progress. Guess it’s a fair trade-off for the winter sunshine we enjoy.

I need more spring weather to keep me on the running train. After last week’s taste of near-60 degrees, I’m ready to pack up my winter layers for a while. Maybe I should add a countdown to Mother’s Day, when it’s finally safe to plant annuals and the snow birds come back to Colorado.

In the meantime, I’m holding my breath … waiting for spring.




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