Day 70 – Winds of change

11 03 2010

A March-lion kind of wind accompanied me on my 3-mile run today that should have been longer… but pressed for time, I was lucky to fit in the 3.

Life change has been a theme this week all around me. I was sad to learn a dear friend’s father is expected to pass away any day. Found out the popular principal is leaving my kids’ school in May. Another friend’s son needs to have surgery next week. And another faces a potential job change. We honored the year anniversary of losing our lab Riley, and tonight — finally on a positive note — we celebrated a neighborhood friend’s 40th birthday with a surprise party.

Life hands us changes and stages both good and bad. When change surrounds me — even though it’s not my own life that will be different — I feel unsettled for my friends and family.

My new island counter was installed today, and when Zach came home from kindergarten he was noticeably disturbed. He told me he liked the old one and why did we have to take it away? “I just don’t like change,” he said over dinner — how did he know this was on MY mind? He followed with a list of all of the things I had changed over the last year…paint colors, new blinds, Scott’s car, etc. …things I really didn’t think he even noticed or were cause for worry.

He finds comfort in consistency and I need to do a better job of acknowledging those feelings — and teaching him to cope with changes small and large. His kindergarten teacher left recently too — and that’s a big change when you’re 6, even if you love your new teacher. It’s hard to find a positive side to something going away.

Tomorrow we are heading to the mountains for the weekend with friends, and I am hoping it is much less windy up there.




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