Day 75 – Old Coyote

16 03 2010

Photo by: Canter- NPS Photo

Anna mentioned on the way to ballet class last night that we haven’t seen a coyote on our drive in a really long time. “Mating season must be over,” she offered.

I quickly changed the subject, reminded of our last discussion about why so many coyotes were visible in daylight hours…leading to a much dreaded (on my part) matter-of-fact explanation about mating…Yep – birds, bees, coyotes, humans, etc. We covered a lot of ground!

After lots of curious questions the punchline came when I asked her how that all sounded, and she said, “I’m so glad you told me. Or when I got married I would have been really surprised by my husband!” Oh – how I miss the simpler Q&A sessions of toddlerhood!

On the recurring coyote theme, today during my sun-filled 4-mile run I was listening to some mellow music, including the Weepies’ “Hideaway” album which includes the song “Old Coyote.” I had to share some lyrics:

Old Coyote waits out there
with grey-brown hair and his three-mile stare…

Ring-a-round-rosey game always ends the same way,
we all fall down.
Get up now baby. Get up now baby.
It’s your song playing…

Old Coyote’s faking sleep
Not counting sheep on the watch he keeps
We bring springtime into bloom inside these rooms
And outside under the moon.

Sometimes — usually in great weather like today when there is new music on my iPod and slim risk of coyote sightings — I can let my thoughts wonder and try to really enjoy my run. Deeper into the bookBorn to Run, I’m trying even harder to be like the ultramarathoners who run with smiles on their faces. Relax, have fun, let go!




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