Day 77 – My meat eater

18 03 2010

Hungry tiger at the Denver Zoo

Zach and I went to the zoo this morning while the spring weather is still here and he has his mornings free. Sadly, there is snow blowing in soon… and next year, my little buddy will go to school all day. That is starting to hit me and make me feel bad for not always making the most of our mornings.

A quick trip before kindergarten gave us time to watch the seal and tiger feedings. The zoo keeper (is that the official title?) strategically placed raw meat on logs and rocks around the tiger’s outdoor space. Then the giant was let out on a carnivorous treasure hunt! Zach watched in amazement as the tiger made his way to all the piles of hide-and-seek meat. And then he told me he could be a tiger — and just eat meat all day.

Oh my son… I have been trying so hard to stuff more vegetables and fruit into you lately. Being a tiger must sound like a dream! I can barely get you to eat one color a day, not to mention 5 servings. Even just eating fish like the seal would be better than your meat and carb diet…

Anna, on the opposite side of the garden fence, will eat almost whatever you put in front of her. She would be fine as a vegetarian giraffe — eating greens like a champ. She will snack on raw peppers, carrots, fruit of all colors and will also eat meat like a tiger.

I have made the same meals for both kids for six years. Pink and blue plates with the same choices. Are they really just programmed so differently? I was a picky eater as a kid (maybe still…), so I often wonder — is Zach the oddball, or is Anna?

I think I have to chalk it up to one-out-of-two-ain’t-bad logic and just keep slicing apples, peeling oranges and sneaking squash into the spaghetti sauce. Maybe we can have a treasure hunt for grapes and green beans?

Right now we just need fresh groceries — or we will all have to become carnivores living out of the freezer. The closest grocery store is 8 miles away, which makes it tough to fit into my day. I should have just literally run to the grocery on my afternoon run, but I happily stopped at 6 miles. There is a meeting tonight about a grocery store finally opening in our neighborhood, promising fresh, local produce and organic choices. And lucky for Zach and other tigers in the neighborhood — there will also be a butcher!




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