Day 81 – Stretchy Monday

22 03 2010

It’s so nice when Scott lets me sleep in and miss part of the morning chaos of breakfast, lunch-packing and backpack stuffing to get child number one out the door on time…except when I wake up at 7:30 remembering my 7:45 parent-teacher conference and the press release that needs to be emailed by 8!

In 15 minutes, I managed to get into some clothes, email the release and get over to school with a coffee traveller’s mug in hand. My cold/allergy/nuisance filled my head with cotton — giving me that dazed feeling you really want to present to the kindergarten teacher. Luckily, she was running late herself and I could inject a bit more caffeine before speaking.

The rest of the foggy day I was amazingly focused on just getting things done so that when it was acceptable, I could fall back into bed. I knocked out bunches of emails between nose blows and even got through a conference call interview — and a second parent-teacher conference. Scott, still feeling bad for me, handled evening ballet transport and a grocery run (maybe not the best food choices out there, but I didn’t have to go, and I did see bananas come out of the bag).

Around 6:30 I really thought this might be the day — the one when I didn’t exercise. I was convincing myself that two dog walks to school and back could count, but knew … not really — at least not at a 6-year-old’s pace.

So I forced a DVR’d Classical Stretch for calves, feet and Achilles that was an awesome idea. Stretching those muscles after yesterday’s long run was a welcome gift — and it didn’t involve heavy breathing through my non-cooperative nasal passages.

I do think there are — and will be — sick days. I have read up on avoiding cardio workouts when you have a respiratory infection or chance of one. That will just prolong recovery and keep you on the bench. But the right stretching is a harmless way to relax an achy body in 23 minutes — before it falls peacefully into bed…




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