Day 89 – Fishing for miles

30 03 2010

Summer weather graced Colorado today for a Spring Break fishing derby at the neighborhood lake. My kids got free poles, learned to cast like Bass Pros and played with friends and worms for hours. All making up for the fact that no one caught a single fish all day! They didn’t stock the pond, where the few fish at the bottom hadn’t heard the weather was warm enough to come up for air.

I managed a late afternoon 8.4 mile run, remembering what it’s like to run in heat. A strong wind blew in for the last half, but I’ll take a warm wind any day over some of the icy gusts of the past few winter months.

With March ending, I took note of my cumulative mileage on the Buckeye Outdoors Training Log site. I am excited to be at exactly 185 miles for the year. One of the participants in the 750 mile challenge noted that was the number needed to be on pace for the annual goal. Didn’t know this when I was running today, so that worked out quite well. I love when numbers accidently work out evenly. And ahhh – just 565 more miles to go this year (what was I thinking??).

I had planned to run 9 today — knowing a ski trip the rest of the week will cut into my mileage. But after 7 miles, my blood sugar was down to 60, and I took a five-minute break for a glucose tablet recharge. I went back out for one park loop with my daughter on her scooter and the dog — ears flying in the wind! A motivating way to finish a long run, with Lottie leading the pack and Anna chatting through the finish. I stopped looking at my watch and worrying about 9 miles and just enjoyed the end of an almost-summer day!




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