Day 93 – Workouts a la carte

3 04 2010

Home from the mountains today, I wanted to nap, but needed to exercise. I tried the only Exhale Core Fusion DVD I haven’t done yet — Body Sculpt. 10 minutes each of upper body with hand weights, then abs and, finally, very relaxing leg stretching.

“These are probably the most difficult ab exercises you will ever do,” said Exhale Fred as he told me to put my legs on the wall and hold the top of the crunch — pretty much forever!

In spite of some trembling core muscles, I am liking the Exhale Core Fusion series, because you can put together multiple 10-minute workouts specifically for body parts that need work on any given day — and to fit the time you have. With 30 minutes ’til the dinner oven timer rang, I skipped the thighs and glutes today knowing my legs were tired from skiing and that I needed to save those muscles for tomorrow’s long run.

A warm Easter Sunday in the forecast seems like a great day to get back into my sneaks for 9 miles — fueled by the Cadbury cream eggs we will be having in the morning: breakfast of champions!




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