Day 98 – myTunes

8 04 2010

I ran 7 miles this afternoon in perfect shorts weather. Spontaneously decided to take a route that I usually save for my bike, because it goes right by the confirmed coyote headquarters section of open space and in summer has snakes sprawled across the dirt road.

Intimidating on foot, but I was feeling brave and loved the idea of dirt under my feet for a longer run. Like running on pillows compared to my worn out pavement path. And new scenery — including horses like the ones in this picture — made 7 miles float by. I need to keep mixing up my running map, along with my iTunes (those two words — my iTunes — are so weird to say together, so let’s call it “myTunes.” Wow…I have been writing for clients all day — except for the 69-minute run, and my journalistic abilities are clearly drained!).

So in one chapter of Run Like a Mother, co-author Sarah Bowen Shea talks about her “running neurosis” including that the first song on her iPod is sending her a message that she tries to decode on her run.

I laughed when I read this, because I tend to hit the shuffle button until I’m inspired at any given point in my run — but especially for the first song. I always picture the iPod god (who looks like Steve Jobs, right?) determining the next song and telling me to pick up my pace or chill out. Since I tend to lose and/or break electronics, I have the simple, cheapest iPod Shuffle that doesn’t include playlists. Long story to say that today, the first randomly shuffled song was a great version of “One” in which U2 is joined by Mary J. Blige.

I love U2 (we have tickets for June concert at Invesco Field!), but it’s usually too slow to run to. This version adds some R&B groove — blending Mary’s soulful voice with Bono’s familiar sound at a good warm-up pace. So that’s song #39 in my “Top 40 to 40” countdown that sent me off and running in new directions!




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