Days 99-100 – 100 Day Party

10 04 2010

Ahhh – a 100 day party is in order! That feels so great. I celebrated by dragging my kids to Echter’s, my favorite garden center where they have varieties I can’t usually find in closer nurseries. In Denver, it is just now time to plant cold-hardy annuals. I went in search of rocket snap dragons that grow to three feet, and pansies to pop in among the tulips.

We got rid of some very troublesome willow shrubs along our alley, so I have all kinds of transplanting projects going on to replace them. I found two shrubs that have been on my wishlist: Daphne Carol Mackie that blooms in May and Japanese Pencil Holly — a cool evergreen that’s tall and skinny for small spaces.

My kids dread going to the garden center, but once there have a ball. Especially at the tree house at this one. They even had birthday cake, and came home with a Venus fly trap!

Gardening may cut into my exercise plans — I get carried away and can spend hours playing in my tiny beds of dirt. Especially on these first spring days. So if my blog turns into a gardening forum, I hope you will still read and chime in!

Workout-wise, I actually did my Friday Pilates class AND a 2-mile recovery run yesterday. Mary was kind enough to show me a tennis ball trick to relieve my aching calves — which we think were set-off by skiing last week. Basically, rolling your calf on the tennis ball (or a foam roller) on the floor for 5-10 minutes loosens the muscle. Fantastic! Enough for me to get out for the recovery run later in the afternoon.

Today — post gardening center splurge — and after throwing that same tennis ball for Lottie, I did Classical Stretch. Instructor Miranda said today’s exercises would have me ready to run a marathon! I’ll still settle for my half…




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