Day 102 – Circa 1980s

12 04 2010

Mondays are tough because I plan to stretch at some point in the day, but I get busy catching up on work, errands, etc., drive to ballet and find myself running out of Monday. Tonight, for example, I did Classical Stretch at 9 p.m. to get it in. A good way to go to bed though — muscles relaxed and ready for Tuesday.

Realized I spaced on my top 40 countdown song list, so here are my throwback additions to my half-marathon playlist:
#38 — Jane Says (Live) from Jane’s Addiction’s Kettle Whistle Album
#37 — Tide is High (as made famous by Blondie) from the “I love the ’80s workout mix’) — I know, chees-ey! But it’s faster than the original, and I DID love the ’80s…
#36 — Love Shack (workout remix)
#35 — I Melt with You (live/remastered)

These are all faster, remixes I found on iTunes that are more upbeat than the original ’80s versions. They all came up on my Shuffle during yesterday’s 10-mile run and made the list because they remind me of college days with my husband in 1990 — long before he had that title.

I must have been missing him yesterday, since he’d been skiing all weekend. Was thinking about how we loved the same ’80s music in those days and spent many nights dancing to these songs — me in my leggings, baggy sweaters and Keds. Each of these songs has a story…what better to think and smile about on long run?




One response

12 04 2010

Hi Kelly:
Congrats on over 100 days and on your 10 miler! Way to go!!
Thanks for the honorable mention on your blog – how sweet is that? It was really fun to see you and catch up. Hope to see you so that we can be groupies on the RLAM tour Friday night at Tattered Cover! Sylvia

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