Days 103-105 – Time out

15 04 2010

Wow am I behind on my blog… Long enough that friends are checking on me to see if I’m okay (thanks Wendy!). The good news is I’m still exercising (late night Classical Stretch Tues., 5 mile run Wed. and Exhale Body Sculpt DVD today). Also good that my SmartCoach training plan scales back a bit this week with three 5-milers. The bad news is I am over-swamped with work.

When the kids were tiny, I worked late, late nights. 2 a.m. was a common bedtime, with painful 6 a.m. wake-up calls from my toddlers. This worked okay for years, because I could spend most days with them and hope to catch a nap with them in the afternoon (ok, Anna might have been watching Dora the Explorer while I drifted, but we got through it). And then, they started spending more time at school, I started working daylight hours, and lost my night owl adrenaline.

On Tuesday, I worked late into the night sifting through my media database to i.d. contacts who might care about luggage with built-in solar panels to charge iPhones and laptops. A very cool announcement (check out CNET if you’re really curious) from my solar client, but one that I had to email to hundreds of reporters at 4 a.m. Mountain time. Yep – I was up with the coyotes.

Proposals, deadlines, meetings, articles, pitches, reports…the center of my last three days. Not to mention spring sports season is in high gear. Swear I try not to overbook my kids, but afterschool activities are just overlapping in April/early May: ballet, baseball, soccer (x 2 kids), art, karate, glee club — whew — it’s a workout just getting everyone to the right place at the right time.

On a time-keeping note, a highlight of my week was getting a new sports watch to replace mine that died mid-run last week. $9.99 no-name model from Target (think I mentioned I lose electronics regularly), but it’s pink and just might make me faster. If it only came with extra time to read the directions…

Other good news — more than 1,000 clicks on my blog. Thank you everyone for reading and inspiring me (yeah Christy on the D.C. Cherry Blossom 10 mile!).

And finally, I give you the song that makes my 6-year-old move it like a hula dancer, and is #34 on my half-marathon playlist: “Shake Your BonBon” by Countdown. If you’ve met my son, you have to play the preview on iTunes and picture him leading the family butt shaking competition in the living room. Enough to wake you up for a 5-mile run every time!




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