Day 108 – Don’t try to outsmart the coach

18 04 2010

I had big plans today to get to 11 miles. I self-edited my Runner’s World SmartCoach training plan (it’s a free online plan you customize for your goal, speed, etc.) to try to up mileage to get to 13 for a few runs before the half marathon. Always feeling I need to practice the whole run (including the .1) to see what my blood sugar does with that distance.

I’m not sure where Sundays go and why they go so fast? All day long I had low blood sugars whenever I was close to finding a near-2-hour window to run. We spent many hours planting and transplanting shrubs. My friend was digging up several from her yard and I was adopting them, so they had to be planted in the ground asap — causing a chain reaction of moving other shrubs from the front to the back, etc. Scott came up with a new show to pitch to HGTV a la “Trading Spaces” In “ER Garden,” neighbors will rush down the alley with plants that need a new home before their roots bake in the sun.

Whenever I thought I could sneak away, Scott needed my help in the dirt or the kids — who were having their own block party in the alley with about six other neighbor kids — needed snacks, help, sunscreen, popsicles, bike helmets, sandbox emergencies, on and on.

So finally I ran at 5:45 — before dinner. I decided to do just the 5 miles the SmartCoach told me to do today. Maybe she knows something I don’t. Afterall, whoever created that program must have a reason for dropping the mileage in week 12… Does she know that is when the weather is perfect for transplanting shrubs? Or that after 21 miles total last week my blood sugar levels would drop in protest for several days? Or that I might just be too tired after 11 miles today to face a frantic week?

I’ve trusted this computerized coach for 11 weeks, so I let myself off the hook and stuck to her prescribed 5 miles. Even those had my blood sugar sinking and begging for dinner.

This week, SmartCoach takes me up to 22 miles total (with just a 10 mile Sunday). For much needed inspiration, my top 40 countdown song today — #32 — is: Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life” …keep on movin’ don’t stop…




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