Day 109-110 – Stepping it up after 40

20 04 2010

Depressing news story from yesterday’s Denver Post “Fitness” section — typically full of more encouraging info.

“Women must step it up as they age: What keeps the weight off at 40 isn’t enough later” I’ll let you read it, but the gist is that Harvard research suggests “women with a body mass index less than 25 (which is the acceptable BMI) needed 60 minutes of daily moderate activity to ward off weight gain.”

Nice news for a Monday morning! This is 4.5 hours/week more than the current CDC recommendation (30 minutes, 5 days/week)…just to “ward off” pounds, not lose them.

Good news for runners, though: “The report concluded that 30 minutes of daily intense activity such as running would keep women from gaining weight as they age.” Still…daily?

So I was motivated to run yesterday — just shy of 30 minutes. Today, a late night Classical Stretch. Miranda said we were doing “fake Tai Chi” moves. And, apparently, not enough of them to keep me from gaining weight after my 40th birthday next month. Guess I’ll have to do 3 Classical Strech programs in a row.

A few women in the article did not take the findings well. One said:

“I think an hour a day is a lot to ask people to do. People are busy. It’s not realistic and it’s going to turn people off.”

She’s right…but no one is asking anyone for more of their time, just sharing the unpleasant news that exercise is hard work that can’t be picked up at a convenience store. We do manage to find hours for TV shows, phone calls, reading the Sunday paper — things we enjoy. Do we give up these daily mental breaks in the name of better longterm health? Oh – aging is full of harsh realities!




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