Days 121-122 – Trial Run

2 05 2010

Saturday I did a Classical Stretch Miranda said was good for runners, which I appreciated when I set out this morning to run 12 miles with my Gatorade-filled bottle in hand. A test run for hydration/sugar on board for almost the half marathon distance. It was a cool morning, but clear skies and mostly sunshine. After a 6 miles on the dirt road loop I was in good shape — blood sugar at 89, 8 ounces of Gatorade consumed and not too irritated by carrying the plastic Amphipod bottle that fits pretty nicely in my hand. I refilled the bottle quickly, ate a few glucose tablets on my porch and set out for another 6 miles. I took a different route to keep my brain from going numb. But between 10-11 miles felt numb all over.

My CGM (continuous glucose monitor) showed my blood sugar wasn’t dropping, and I kept sipping the blue drink. By the top of the hill at about 11.5 miles I felt fine and sprinted downhill to home. A quick blood glucose meter check on my porch read 90, and I decided I could do one more mile around the park trail. This would be my last chance to go the full distance, so why not?

More than two hours running is a lot of thinking time. For the beginning, I was super-focused on relaxing my arms and shoulders — harder with that bottle in my hand making it colder than it needed to be, yet warming the Gatorade too much. I passed horses on the farms and wondered at what age I stopped being so into those? Nine, ten maybe? Still like to look at them, but not too close. Noticed dozens of blooming trees and shrubs and tried to remember their names from the botany class Wendy and I took in college — when we got to wonder around campus staring up at branches. Thought about my sorority sister Lecia, who was running a marathon in Cincinnati today in the rain — so impressive, and wow that seems farther than ever now that I’ve done 13. Who can do that again!?! Made mental notes of several songs I need to add to my “Top 40 for 40” list to make it through race day. And wondered if you’re even allowed to have iPods. A must have for me. I will hide the wires under my shirt. Have to look that up in the rules. Thought tons about the race course and how I need to study it a bit this week. I like to have it tattooed on my brain so I can anticipate the mile markers and celebrate the landmarks on the way.

Happy to say I did it — stopping near the end to chat with Jo-Anna who was flying kites with her family. So a slow, cool down last mile put me at 2 hours, 11 minutes. (stopped my watch for the few minute pit stops, of course) I am so glad I did the distance (minus the .1) to know that I can make it in two weeks. And this put my total mileage for the week at 26.1 — almost a marathon… Should have done that .1 just to get there!

Most people think I’m nuts for going the whole distance in training, but when you have Type 1 diabetes, there’s not a lot of room for surprises if you want to finish a race. The SmartCoach training plan only had me going up to 11. I know after two runs over 10 miles that I need more food to get through the last 3. Even if I weren’t a diabetic this would be the case. So more snack experiments to come, with an 8-mile and 11-mile this week (back to what the SmartCoach prescribes). Then I get to scale back in prep for May 16.

I actually took a short nap this afternoon — hitting a wall a few hours after the run. Better make that part of my 40th birthday plan!




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3 05 2010

Yay! You did it!!!! I am so happy for you:-) And you still have another week before the big day….you rock!

3 05 2010

Thanks Kerrin! TWO weeks to go — please don’t take one away – I need all the time I can get!!! ; )

4 05 2010

Hi Kelly,
I came upon your blog a few days ago. My hubby has type 1 diabetes (detected in 2009). I’ll be following your story with interest, because we’re trying to exercise a lot more than we used to, and it comes with its own set of issues for him.
good luck 🙂

4 05 2010

Thanks so much for reading my story. I will hope things go well for your husband. And I want to run in France too — sounds beautiful!!

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