Days 132-133 — Bounce back

13 05 2010

I tried to bounce back today — like my poor daffodils and tulips drooping from yesterday’s heavy, wet snow and now trying to stand back up in the sun. I took three cold, ugly days off and went out today for a 4-mile run on the park trail that left me mentally recharged. I think for 130 days running I was more excited about the half marathon than I am now. I am glad I’m doing it, but will be so happy when all 13.1 miles are behind me. In, wow, like 50 some hours from now…

The great news is the weather looks perfect for Sunday — low 70s and sunshine — in stark contrast to the crazy cold we’ve had. As far back as I can remember, from West Virginia and Georgia to Texas and Colorado, the weather has been nice on my birthday, when Spring is in high gear and something fantastic is blooming.

So much on our family list these last few weeks, that it’s been nice to have bad weather cancel soccer and baseball and give us a few nights to chill out – literally as the temps fell below freezing at night and the snow accumulated early yesterday morning. I really should be solidifying my race plans and filling my iPod with new surprise songs. I did order a cool gadget called a SpiBelt. (The black one with the hot pink zipper if you’re curious.) Clips around your waist with a small, tight pocket that can hold a Blackberry, keys and/or a snack. I tried it today and it really didn’t bounce around or ride up just like they promised.

This will be good for extra glucose tablets on the run. And, after the race, I can be a private eye and keep my secret camera in there…or wear my insulin pump better with a dress. The SpiBelt, and my pit crew Jo-Anna (who graciously offered to come with me race day and meet me along the course for Gatorade refills and blood sugar checks) will ensure I cross the finish line upright. Looking like 007…

So does my commitment end soon? Not sure yet. When I was more energized about the half, I thought maybe that was my new thing. Perhaps I’d do another one in the fall to keep me running longer and doing Pilates on off days. But now, I think I just want to run because it feels good. And it sure feels better at 5-6 miles than double digits. I’m still committed to my “Run 750 miles in 2010” challenge through the Buckeye Outdoor Training Log. I’m at 294 miles now, so not out of the question to hit the goal if I average 15 miles per week (3 relatively short runs). Time will tell!




2 responses

14 05 2010

I am so proud of you! How you do it, I will never know. If it were me at this point of training, I would be curled up in a corner in a fetal position:-) You are going to kick ass on Sunday!

14 05 2010

Thank you Kerrin. I wish you were here to join us in the green bus too — where we could both hide in the fetal position. Early morning races are way too quiet without you!! : )

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