Day 134 – Run Like Todd

14 05 2010

Today was packet pick-up at City Park. A reality check as they were setting up barriers for the course — causing some butterflies in my stomach as I stood in line with people who looked very fit and fast.

When I picked up my number I was pleased to see that I am #2300 — I love very round, even numbers! A huge relief, because a few years ago, Jo-Anna and I picked up our triathlon packets to find I was #666. Really – that’s what they gave me and wrote in huge black magic marker on my arms and legs on race day (it’s customary for a tri to i.d. the participants, and it usually doesn’t wash off for days). This is what you want to be wearing to brunch in Boulder to turn some heads.

Much happier with #2300, I looked closer at my bib number to see TODD in large letters on the bib. Turns out someone misprinted EVERY bib number, so I will be masquerading as Todd Blum, a 27-year-old man who wears an XXL shirt and presumably runs much faster than me. Maybe that will work out well… especially if he has my bib. Not if he gets my female M shirt though. Perhaps he’ll medal in my 40+ age group?

They said our timing chips were accurately assigned to our own names, and you had to check at a laptop manned by a 12-year-old boy who assured me my chip was tied to my identity. Why this little boy had this job is a mystery. His dad must have been the embarrassed printer.

I breezed through the Race Expo to pick-up a very unisex-looking white tech tee with the lime green race logo. White is not the best color for sweating in. I will probably never wear this shirt, but will keep it because I will have earned it (or Todd will have – I’m so confused now). And it says “Colfax Marathon,” so if I do wear it, I will seem more impressive than the half-marathoner I’m trying to be.

In my ongoing pursuit of race accoutrements, I bought a HydraPouch at the Boulder Running Company’s booth. I checked these out online a few weeks ago…a very soft, lightweight plastic that opens like a coin purse (the kind the bank used to give you for free and my grandma collected for us). You’re supposed to fill it at race water stations to carry with you for a bit, then clip to your belt. It’s a cool concept, but I wonder how long those lines will be for the refills?

With my SpiBelt (which they were also selling today) and my new, blue pouch, I will totally look like an amateur ready for action. Good thing, in that case, that my own name is NOT in large letters for all to see. I will be sufficiently hydrated, ready to run like an XXL 27-year-old man!




3 responses

15 05 2010

Go Todd, go! 😉

15 05 2010

Hey Kelly,
Less then 24 hours til race time. Just wanted to say “Good Luck” and I’ll be rooting for you (from home). Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, may this be our best year yet!! Hope to see you this week and hear all about it.

15 05 2010

Thanks for the good wishes and support!

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