A bit about me

I am a multi-tasking mommy who is trying to exercise EVERY day in 2010 while wearing these hats:

A RUNNER – who is soon-to-be 40 and running to (or from?) a goal: my first half-marathon on my actual birthday on May 16. I am learning to be a stronger runner inside and out through lots of research and experiments with Pilates, nutrition and new running techniques.

A MOM — of two adorable red heads, six and eight years old — midway between the terrible twos and troublesome teen years. They both delight me every day and can finally take a shower, pour their own cereal and handle bathroom situations unassisted — giving me “free” time to wear all of these other hats!

A WIFE — of a handsome, supportive man I met at college (we are a “Miami Merger”), who loves to run in spite of knee surgery and other frequent pains. He is way too fast to run with me these days, but he gets lots of credit for turning 40 first and doing all the laundry and the dishes.

A LUCKY FRIEND — of fantastic, motivating women who keep me going, run races with me and/or are kind enough to read my blog!

A FREELANCE WRITER — for technology companies who mostly let me work from home in my PJs. This blog gives me a chance to write on a more personal level that usually does not include software or solar energy related topics. Click to read more about my freelance company Brand Fortified.

A TYPE 1 DIABETIC — last, but no way least, I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since age 12 and I’m exercising every day now to help manage it. I don’t let my disease get in my way, but I sure do have to organize each day around it.


5 responses

12 03 2010

Thanks for the plug! I love Sylvia. And good luck as you train for Colfax…over halfway there! Steer clear of the coyotes. 🙂

16 03 2010

I’m already lovin’ this blog Kelly! You’re such an inspiration. Than you for sharing this journey online.

16 03 2010

Thanks Erin! You guys inspired me with your recent Austin half marathon success! Keep running – and thanks for reading! : )

15 04 2010
Danielle (Harbarger) Henderson

Hi Kelly,

Just stumbled on your blog after seeing you comment on a Tami Hatfield post. You look fantastic and kudos on this great blog and the terrific reason you are writing it — what an awesome goal. I ran a couple of half marathons awhile back — lots of fun! Hope you are well AOII sister! Keep it up!

– Danielle
(writing from Chicago)

P.S. You have a beautiful family!

15 04 2010

Thanks for finding me Danielle! Hope all is well in Chicago and that you’re still running. Great to hear from you : ) Please stay in touch!

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