Day 60 – My real age

1 03 2010

Day 60! Whew…and another whole month behind me, even if it was a short one… Today my fascination with aging and Internet tools lead me to RealAge site with its confusing slogan: “Live life to the youngest.”

You can take a quiz about your genes, health and lifestyle to see what age your body might as well be. They added a depressing seven years to me — making me 46.8!! I thought perhaps this was the Type 1 diabetes at work, but no — it’s about me not eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day and not knowing my blood pressure, cholesterol or heart rate numbers (I know these are fine, because the doctor checks them every 3 months…I just don’t know the numbers but there isn’t a choice for that on the quiz.).

The site gives you suggestions for diet, fitness and more. For me that includes flossing my teeth more often and more strength training. Yes, some tips are easier to implement than others. Also need to add more vitamins, eat more fish, less red meat and the ever-impossible 5-a-day. Most of my strikes were in the diet category — and I really think I’m a pretty healthy eater relatively speaking.

Just a few tweaks and I should be back to my young, almost 40-year-old self in no time! Luckily I learned that having my dog is keeping me young, along with my silver SUV (50% less likely to be in a serious accident than other colors!).

There are many tools on the site to help you make changes, and I signed up for weekly emails to “Grow 10 years younger in 60 days.” Since I have exactly 76 days ’til my true 40th b’day, this should put me ahead!

All jokes aside, I am amazed at how many sites are out there with quizzes, tools, calculators, plans and trackers. Information overload for anyone trying to learn more about how to live healthier. The three things RealAge put on my personal plan are: 1) relieve stress (with yoga, tai chi, pets, friends, etc.) 2) Eat fish — more omega-3, and 3) Vary veggies to get those 5-a-day.

I’m really already working on two of these…but the fish one is tough. Not a seafood lover at all. Today I did make barley soup with tons of veggies for dinner and did two Classical Stretches with lots of tai chai plies, so maybe I can turn back the clock in time!