Days 50-52 – Winter surprises

21 02 2010

Way behind on my blog, but up-to-date on my workouts and family birthday parties — two in as many weekends!

A wonderful Pilates class with just one other person kicked off my Friday. While this is just a little too much attention from the instructor, it’s good for me in an eating spinach sort of way and almost like a cheap private lesson. She used Pilates rings, which I found really helpful to keep my body in the right alignment and provide resistance. I did not even drop the ring on my face when lifting my legs above my face with the ring between my ankles!

Saturday was a Classical Stretch for 23 minutes that I did not have to spare. I hosted a surprise party for my husband’s 40th birthday last night. While he took my daughter to a school dance, my great friends helped me layout a spread for about 50 friends and kids. It was a fantastically fun party with friends from several facets of Scott’s life. Well worth the sneaking I had to do to pull it off! He knew I was planning something (thanks to some hints from Zach), but he had no idea he would walk into this surprise…

The old me would have found this to be a perfect day to blow off exercising. I had to clean my house, cook, walk the dog, lie to my husband for the sake of the surprise (I am really bad at this!) and take a shower in record time…but I did the stretch like it was part of the to-do list, because that is what I am all about now. No excuses!

Today — after recovering from a late night and an ice skating birthday party with my kids (whew – February is chock-full of birthdays in my circle of friends), I headed out in the 20 degree snowy weather as the sun was setting for my scheduled four-mile run. “You must really hate the treadmill,” Scott said. And I explained that yes, I do, and the main sidewalk through the neighborhood looked perfectly cleared from the car.

It actually would have been a great day for the treadmill. This week was a break from my longer Sunday runs of late. And four miles is very doable on the treadmill…but I prefer to be outside and thought I could do it. I did do it, but the sidewalk — although cleared of snow — was surprisingly as slippery as the ice rink was earlier today. I followed with a Classical Stretch to relax my tired muscles.

We are very near March, which is the snowiest month in Colorado. My half-marathon training plan has 8 and 9 mile runs in store for my future Sundays, so I will have to figure out a safer way to run in the snow. On the road? On the snowy running trail where there is at least some traction? Or on the dreaded treadmill? Slipping and injuring myself would be a tragedy at this point.

I continue to surprise myself with what is possible in inclimate weather, slippery surfaces and busy days — so I know I will get through March with every slippery step taking me closer to the more welcome surprises of spring!