Days 138-139 – The Never-ending Celebration

19 05 2010

A birthday gift I will treasure!

Even though I created a blog and drew some crazy attention to myself with this exercise-every-day/half marathon training project of mine, I really didn’t want to make a huge deal of turning 40. I will admit that it’s been a great excuse to have a fantastic few days with dear friends who celebrated and showered me with indulgences — from a pink bedazzled wine glass, a pedicure, total surprise dinner out and, best of all, great catching up time together.

We all get so busy with everyday life, and we see one another several times a week — passing in parking lots and playgrounds and exchanging a few stories and updates. But nothing beats hanging out time when there is no place else to rush off to. Or long overdue phone conversations with favorite lifelong friends. I really appreciate all of you so much and if turning 40 encouraged fun times, I’m glad to have done it. Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday WEEK fantastic!

I feel like it’s been one long great party that started with Cinco de Mayo and kept going…Field day, kindergarten graduation and end of school this week — followed by an upcoming family wedding and vacation — (thankfully) takes me out of the spotlight, but keeps the celebration and fun times going as we kick off the summer.

I will go back to daily exercising — very anxious to take my new Garmin for a trail run — but thinking of a summer vacation from blogging as I maximize the precious days with my kids at home to play. I imagine I will find reasons to write here and there and find articles I simply must share with fellow runners, moms, diabetics and others in this wide world of readers who have found me (never imagined anyone would read my random posts…) and encouraged me.

I will be on a quest for a new goal to keep me going — another run? or something totally different? I’m not ready to decide, but I know I will enjoy the journey to wherever it leads me.
(A photo taken by Jo-Anna at the race of me and Kerrin by the coyote warning sign. No, we didn’t see any in the park!)


Day 96 – 40 days

6 04 2010

I woke up early this morning to rain pattering on the roof – a great, soothing spring sound that is good for my tulips, but not what you want to hear when you need to get outside for a morning run. By the time I got downstairs, it had turned to SNOW — just when I thought my frozen runs were behind me.

I waited a few hours for the sun to peek through and then the only element I had to face was crazy wind. A friend told me yesterday that April is the windiest month in Colorado. You don’t need a kite to prove it, and I was happy I only had to run 2.6 miles per my trusty half-marathon plan. On my run I was thinking about my dear college friend Roshan (who turned 40 today!) and that it must be close to 40 days until my race and 40th birthday. Turns out it’s exactly 40, so the true countdown begins… in Rick Dees fashion (stay tuned!).

I had fun tonight visiting with another friend, Sylvia, who let me tag along to a reception for her friend Dimity McDowell, co-author of Run Like a Mother. Dimity was so nice — cool to meet her in person after getting to know her through her book! Any mom and/or runner can relate to her brilliant — and hilarious — essays about the highs and lows of running, kids, work and life and how they fit (or don’t fit) together. She and her co-author have a fun blog at that link too, where they are building a community of running moms. (See my family photo under “K is for kickin’ a@# moms.”)

Great catching up with Sylvia, who I haven’t seen in a few years. We talked in the car about birthday milestones and how we’ve approached them. When I met Sylvia 10 years ago, SHE was 40 and I couldn’t believe it. She seemed so young (I was just a spring chicken about to turn 30)… Now, at 50, she’s still just as young and more than keeping up with her teenage son with her energy and outlook. She even trained for a marathon last fall – making it to 20 miles when she, sadly, injured her foot.

We agreed with her mom’s shared wisdom that you never feel on the inside the age you are on the outside…as long as you are healthy and have the right attitude. Thanks Sylvia for sharing your famous friends and your inspiration as you run into the next decade so gracefully!

Day 47 – Three months from a half-marathon

16 02 2010

When I started this 2010 exercise-every-day project, I wasn’t sure where it was going. Just knew it was enough to make me commit to more moving, better blood sugars and writing for fun vs. work. Today, the half-marathon and the end of my 30s are exactly three months away (if you are in mountain time or west of that!). That still seems like a while. A quarter of a year, in fact, to make the most of it – and add six miles to my distance.

Scott’s 40th birthday is exactly two WEEKS away, so preparations are underway… I’m so glad I married an older man who will beat me to each new decade!

Today’s three-mile sunshine run felt a little stiff, but so short compared to my Sunday long run. There is a tiny twinge of pain in my left heel that scares me… It doesn’t hurt exactly, but it’s threatening to.

Watching the Olympic athletes and how quickly an injury can ruin years of training makes me appreciate the challenge of sports. Not just defeating your competition, but beating your own body’s vulnerabilities. How can a figure skater who has performed so many times suddenly not hit the landing? Isn’t practice supposed to make perfect? How can your body fail you in such a critical moment?

Those are my deep questions for the day as I try to outsmart my heel and run on – not with any Olympic hopes – but at least for the next three months!

Day 43 – Magicpalooza

13 02 2010

Yesterday was a Friday off from school, kicking off the 4-day weekend for President’s Day. Perfect for hosting Zach’s Magic 6th birthday party!

I snuck off to Pilates after missing the last few weeks — a quiet hour of peaceful stretching before the storm of 6-year-olds in Spider Man costumes hit my living room! Magic Rob turned out to be a fabulous entertainer with jokes and fart noises only a 6-year-old can truly appreciate!

Doves, a guinea pig and a rabbit appeared from flames, along with other fantastic tricks. Cake…ice cream…presents…animal balloons…Lego Land in the living room – what could be better?

Fitness plan-wise – I was glad Pilates was out of the way early in the day. Cake and birthday hamburgers counteracted my efforts later, but it is a week of treats afterall – a birthday party sandwiched by Super Bowl and Valentine’s weekend! Insulin pump overload…

My friend Wendy said she is doing an early a.m. boot camp, and I am so envious of people like her who can exercise early. It would set a whole new rhythm to the day if I could get up earlier for workouts and not spend the day trying to fit it in. The few times I’ve done it, it’s felt like a dream…never even happened…magically you are more fit!

My list of excuses is long… 1) Morning blood sugars are pretty unpredictable, so I often have to wait to be higher or lower. 2) I love to sleep – I’m just a night person and up-before-the-sun feels like punishment. 3) And last, but not least, coyotes…seriously I could not even run at dawn when they are known to be out there.

On my 5-mile run last week I froze in my tracks when what turned out to be the largest Siamese cat on Earth caught my peripheral vision on a sidewalk. It was not a coyote, but confirmed my fears that I will panic if I see one on foot…

So magic hats off to those who can set the alarm for an early morning workout. You are braver and more dedicated than I am!