Day 54 – Five a day for a smaller dress

23 02 2010

Refocused myself on eating better after a weekend of cheese, cake and other indulgences. I said in early February I would track my daily fruits and vegetables for a week to see how I did — in celebration of heart health month. I knew, in my presumably healthy heart, that I don’t hit the recommended 5 a day very often. And I was right.

I averaged 2.6 a day — ranging from a measly 1 to an impressive 5 — evenly split between fruits and veggies. Breakfast is my weakest meal, with snacks leading in the fruit department and dinner, not surprisingly, winning with veggies. Conclusion: 5 a day is really tough for me on a consistent basis. And I actually LIKE most fruits and veggies.

When you are logging food, I do think you are more conscious of what you are eating. I wanted to write down more, so I probably ate more fruits and veggies than usual. Food logs totally make sense, but as I’ve said before — just seem like so much work! I might try to include sporadically just for the wake-up call.

Along the lines of eating better, I picked up a new book at the bookmobile today called “Cook Yourself Thin Faster” by Leauren Deen. It’s the second book based on a Lifetime Network show I’ve never seen… but the recipes and eating ideas appealed to me. Everyday family food — not a diet book — that you can cook quickly and consume with fewer calories. I try to do this already, making adjustments to some favorite recipes, but I am a big fan of buttery, creamy sauces so thought it was worth checking out. Even has desserts and a pineapple mojito I’m planning to try!

Tonight we tried the easy Oven Fried Chicken with Cinnamon Spice, and I used a Panko crust. Everyone liked it — although Zach added ketchup which is his common disguise for meat. Check out the recipes, book and shows at this link.

The book promises “Delicious ways to drop a dress size.” I’m all over that with a family wedding coming up in May. It has an intro with tips for “Five Big Changes You Can Make.” Number four is — you guessed it — eat lots of fruits and vegetables!

Deen’s tips for getting to 5:
– Keep a fruit bowl on the counter (check)
– Try adding a veggie to everything you’re making (easier for me in the summer when I can go to the local organic farm)
– Try a new veggie from the produce section (I made squash soup with parsnips over the weekend!)
– Try exotic fruits as snacks or in smoothies (kiwi, mangoes, etc.)
– Dried and frozen fruits count (I do love dried cranberries in spinach salad!)

So an ongoing effort that may pay-off with a fabulous, smaller new dress than I have in my closet today…and, oh, Deen adds exercise as number 6 on her “Five Big Changes…” list, so I faithfully did my 3-mile run too!