Day 27 – Rules to eat by

27 01 2010

I need to remember to check the weather forecast more closely. Following my running plan, I did a Classical Stretch episode and a very long walk with my energetic lab today. Had I known a snow storm was coming tomorrow – when I am supposed to run 5 miles – I would have swapped those days. Can I run in the snow for that long? Will let you know…

I have an ever-growing list of books on my reading list that I am determined to get through this year. I read ABOUT books online and in the Sunday paper all the time, but rarely allow myself time to sit and read. In the name of research, I requested a sizable stack from the library’s bookmobile — the great RV that pulls into my neighborhood weekly since we’re 10 miles from a library. I guess even well-read people are lazy!

The first in the stack was Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, which everyone in the U.S. should read asap. He also wrote The Omnivores Dilemma and In Defense of Food (still on my reading list).

This Huffington Post article by Pollan – “‘Food Rules:’ A Completely Different Way to Fix the Healthcare Crisis” gives you a great preview.

I really read it in under an hour and may read it aloud to my husband, so he is more on board with the changes I have gradually made in our pantry over the last several years. He complains about higher grocery bills, less meat in our dinners and MY longstanding rules outlawing high fructose corn syrup. This book should prove to him that I am not a crazy mom needlessly robbing our children of the pleasures of our youth like Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms. Pollan says he wrote the book as a shortcut for those who won’t wade through thicker books on nutrition. Perfect for those of us who want to simplify our diets AND our lives.

A few of my favorites:
“#7 – Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grade cannot pronounce.” My third-grader (who loves raw peppers, fish, rice cakes and salad) will like testing this one!

“#20 – It’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car.” My kindergartener (who loves anything from a box with a prize) will detest testing this one!