Days 78-79 – Spring snow

20 03 2010

Our snowy back porch by late afternoon Friday.

After running in shorts and going to the zoo Thursday, a surprising Friday morning found lawns filled with inches of snow that blew hard all day long. Definitely a good day to sweat inside with Pilates class.

March snows still catch me off guard even after nearly 10 years in Colorado. I don’t mind them so much, because they are so temporary — knowing true spring weather is close at hand and the sun will come out tomorrow (we saw “Annie” last night!) and melt it all away.

On this first day of spring Saturday, the sun was already shining. I went with a living room weight session via the Firm DVD. Spring takes us closer to short sleeves — and my arms need to get ready for exposure.


Day 18 – A firm family

18 01 2010

The kids had today off, so we had all sorts of projects going. By mid-afternoon I decided to try out my new “FIRM” video and weights. Much to my surprise, the kids thought this was fantastic and wanted to join me…

Sharing one pound weights between them, they tried to follow the instructor in the “hi-def sculpt” video. Anna lost interest pretty quickly, but Zach got through the whole 55 minutes with comments like, “I’m really into this!” and “This is really helping my muscles!” What?? He’s five. It was hysterical! Then there were questions and comments like, “Why is she smiling at us?” and “Her arms look like a man’s!”

Zach has learned to love sports over the last year – playing baseball, soccer, flag football and now basketball through his school. I think he is realizing that strength is a good thing. We worked on his push-up form during the video, which should help him in karate class and help tone my sad arms.

I was not quite as enthusiastic or talkative for the workout, but sooo entertained by Zach that it passed quickly. I hope he will join me for the other three DVDs!

Day 16 – Kid friendly workouts

16 01 2010

Ahhh – a whole Saturday with no obligations. Scott was skiing with a visiting college buddy during all the daylight hours, so I had to come up with a way to get my exercise time in with kids along for the ride.

57 degrees made a perfect afternoon for riding scooters — much faster for little legs than walking. We took Lottie to the school playground where we ran in circles playing fetch and kicking a soccer ball with the kids. She runs like a greyhound and was so happy to play leash free! I am thinking the school would not smile upon this use of their field, but just this once…

Then with worn-out kiddos and dog, I joined Miranda stretching in the Riveria Maya via my DVR. Almost relaxing!

During our errand spree, we went to a Border’s that’s going out of business and found “The Firm” as seen on TV!! A package of hand weights with three DVDs at 40% off — providing more options for my living room, kid-filled days when something is better than nothing. Tip of the day: never buy hand weights when you have a few more stores to visit. It was a workout!