Day 40 – Flexibility

9 02 2010

In 40 days, I’ve logged more than 6.5 hours of Classical Stretch and Pilates. Not really an impressive number by most standards, but a huge improvement over zero.

Each time I stretch I think of how much flexibility I’ve lost over the years — recalling high school days when I could do all the splits and kick like a Rockette. I’ve been reading the Runner’s Body, and learning lots of interesting tidbits about how muscles work and the importance of remaining flexible — particularly hips for runners which tighten when you run to balance your leg movements.

I’m going to try hard to work in Classical Stretch more often — even on running days. But that brings me to the other kind of flexibility that is difficult right now…being adaptable. Work meetings three afternoons this week are taking up my running/exercise time. Working around my husband’s schedule, random meetings, kids’ day off, Zach’s birthday and misc. commitments is forcing me to improve my flexibility without losing ground in my half-marathon plan.

I found myself doing the FIRM “cardio overdrive” in the living room at 6 a.m. to replace my 2 mile run today. Never ever would have done this in 2009. But there was absolutely no time in the rest of the day to even get to the Rec center for a treadmill run. Does this really count? Probably not as an equal replacement, but still better than nothing at all.

And after picking up cases of Girl Scout cookies today, better than nothing has to do!