Day 57 – I bought you some warm gloves

26 02 2010

As we crawled into bed late last night (I stayed up to watch the DVR’d figure skating finals…), Scott told me he had to leave the house at 7:30 a.m. What about my weekly Pilates class? My Friday a.m. peace was destroyed before the day even started…but I can’t be mad at my husband for going to work.

So while Zach rebuilt several Lego sets, I did two Classical Stretch programs. Floor Work and Upper Body. We did tai chi plies, which Miranda even referred to as “nasty.” She said in China people do Tai Chi together in parks. How fantastic! Tai Chi Qigong for Health details the health benefits for muscle strength, mobility and physical and mental well-being. I felt great after the muscle-burning sessions ended — only wishing I had a scheduled run for the springlike sunny afternoon that followed.

Instead, I kidnapped Jo-Anna to go to REI with me to find a gift for Scott’s 40th birthday on Tuesday. He wants new ski gloves and needs new t-shirts. After searching through the sale bin, I found a nice pair of gloves for Scott and, of course, some for myself. My old ones are not even close to warm.

Meandering through REI, we checked out the running gloves, which were not on sale. After trying on many pairs I decided I didn’t want to spend another $30+ on myself — and I really needed the ski gloves more. It’s going to be warm soon anyway (I hope).

So Scott got home from his work day with a present for me from the outlet mall south of Denver. He is not a big shopper or present guy, so this was a fun surprise… And guess what was in the bag? I was sure it was going to be ski gloves, but no – running gloves! Nice $40 Nike ones that he got for $12 with a bonus hat included!

So now we have 6 new gloves between us which will come in handy (pardon that pun) for tomorrow’s ski day with the kids and Sunday’s 7-mile run, when cold and snow are forecasted — again. Maybe I’ll just go to the park in my warm gloves for Tai Chi plies!