Day 47 – Three months from a half-marathon

16 02 2010

When I started this 2010 exercise-every-day project, I wasn’t sure where it was going. Just knew it was enough to make me commit to more moving, better blood sugars and writing for fun vs. work. Today, the half-marathon and the end of my 30s are exactly three months away (if you are in mountain time or west of that!). That still seems like a while. A quarter of a year, in fact, to make the most of it – and add six miles to my distance.

Scott’s 40th birthday is exactly two WEEKS away, so preparations are underway… I’m so glad I married an older man who will beat me to each new decade!

Today’s three-mile sunshine run felt a little stiff, but so short compared to my Sunday long run. There is a tiny twinge of pain in my left heel that scares me… It doesn’t hurt exactly, but it’s threatening to.

Watching the Olympic athletes and how quickly an injury can ruin years of training makes me appreciate the challenge of sports. Not just defeating your competition, but beating your own body’s vulnerabilities. How can a figure skater who has performed so many times suddenly not hit the landing? Isn’t practice supposed to make perfect? How can your body fail you in such a critical moment?

Those are my deep questions for the day as I try to outsmart my heel and run on – not with any Olympic hopes – but at least for the next three months!